Review of: “Stop Doing That Sh*t”

Review of: “Stop Doing That Sh*t”

Author: Gary John Bishop

Review by: Angela Letzner, LPCC-S

Subtitled “End self-sabotage and demand your life back” this book’s goal is to help people identify their responses to three statements and explains how those responses have affected views, choices and self-sabotage.

The book begins by helping readers to understand how various things that could have occurred in childhood (some perhaps not in the conscious memory) and then as we grow up have impacted our thought process. This impact becomes a part of our subconscious, which then quietly impacts our views and actions. The three statements to complete are: “I am ______”; “People are _____”; and “Life is ______”.

Don’t try to answer those now! Read the book, get the background information, understand the buildup into those concepts. It’s an easy read overall, warning there is cursing (in case you didn’t guess) and provides understandable reasoning to some things we do as well as offering ideas to help change the thoughts, change the choices.

* self-help books can be beneficial in helping work through issues either on your own or in conjunction with therapy. If there are things books suggest that don’t work for you or you disagree with, it is recommended to just dismiss that content.

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