Review of: "Raising Humans in a Digital World"

Review of: "Raising Humans in a Digital World"

Author: Diana Graber

Review by: Angela Letzner, LPCC-S

This book is a parenting guide for technology and today’s youth. There is an incredible amount of good information for even the most tech savvy parents. The author approaches the book with the attitude that technology is a part of life, so we are better to learn and embrace it than try to keep it out of our kids' lives. Plenty of academic research is provided to help readers more fully grasp the concepts being presented.

This book helps readers, and then readers’ kids, learn about the various threats and challenges that technology and social media present. It offers tons of tips for kids and parents alike. There are activities that parents can go through with their kids online to learn as well as protect. This book is a top resource for educators and parents.

* self-help books can be beneficial in helping work through issues either on your own or in conjunction with therapy. If there are things books suggest that don’t work for you or you disagree with, it is recommended to just dismiss that content.

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