Review of: "Girl Wash Your Face"

Review of: "Girl Wash Your Face"

Author: Rachel Hollis

Review by: Angela Letzner, LPCC-S

This self-help book is aimed at empowering women to challenge their beliefs about themselves and life. The premise of the book is that people’s beliefs are often lies and these lies are the excuses used to not create change. The author clearly advises that people have the power to change and that by challenging these lies, change can occur.

The book is broken down into chapters by common lies such as “I’m not good enough”, “I am defined by my weight” and “I should be further along by now”. Each chapter walks through the lie as experienced by the author and then she shares things that helped her overcome the lie and create change.

Two things of note: the author is Pentecostal and her religious beliefs come through in this book; the author is candid and funny making the book a very easy read.

* self-help books can be beneficial in helping work through issues either on your own or in conjunction with therapy. If there are things books suggest that don’t work for you or you disagree with, it is recommended to just dismiss that content.

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